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I’ve Sold Out!

Everybody has their price, and I've found mine: no mattered how principled someone is, it's just too easy to throw it away.

As you jump into the book reviews I’m posting this year (the first of which will appear an entire minute after this), you might notice something a little different: a link to purchase the book.

These links will appear for you, as I’ve joined Amazon Associates. In doing so, where I share a link to an Amazon product, I may earn a (tiny) commission for any purchases made after following that link (and no, Amazon won’t increase the price if you follow it). This will include the book, and any other purchases you happen to make after clicking it.

These purchase links are included with book reviews, and only with new reviews posted from today. Additionally, if I reference a book (or for some reason, any other product), and include a link to it on Amazon, this will also be an Associates link. I’m not wanting to distract from anybody’s reading, and therefore, I am only including the review links at the bottom of the information box following these reviews. This is the extent of the advertising you will see; so, don’t worry, I won’t be spamming you with irrelevant products.

If, upon reading a review, you like the look of the book and decide you would like to purchase it, why not click the link provided? Not only will it provide some support to yours truly, it will also save you the effort of loading up Amazon and hunting for the book.


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