I has a Substack!

You know how it goes: you subscribe to a newsletter hoping for news, updates and cool stuff. Then you find out that you’re suddenly spammed with trivial information that you really don’t care about, from one of those horrible people who want to profit off your personal information. My newsletter, The Wonderful World of Was is here, and will only use your personal information to keep you updated.

I have recently moved to Substack, where future newsletters will be sent from.

But guess what?
I hate spam, and I hate people selling my information. With hand so firmly on heart that I can feel its beat pulsating against the palm of my hand, I can promise you that the Wonderful World of Was:

  • Will only email you once a month
  • Will take your email address to the grave, and will not provide it to third parties under any circumstances
  • Will ensure that any emails you get will include some, or any combination of, the following (without any nasty surprises!):
    • Links to new short stories that have been posted for your pleasure, whether they be related to smartworld, Life Slices, or something different altogether!
    • Links to new reviews and recommendations!
    • News and updates about the existence of this website. Who knows, you might find that exciting!
    • Updates about my work in progress as soon as I am willing and able to share them!
    • Exclusive free stuff (who doesn’t love free stuff)! Like samples of my books ahead of release!

So, what are you waiting for? Click the shiny black button below, and off we go to Substack for you to enter your email address!

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