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In an effort to bring some well-deserved attention to my independent author colleagues, I am reading and providing honest reviews of their work. Click through below to see what I’ve been reading.

All thoughts included about these books are my own. As I personally find it a little crass to give books scores (opinions are subjective), for the purposes of these reviews, I do not include one. Instead, I focus on what I personally liked or didn’t, and hope to give you an idea of whether you would enjoy it. I do leave review scores on Goodreads and Amazon, and include links to these with each review.

Latest Book Reviews:
Would You Like an Honest Review of Your Book?

I’m always interested in new things to read and review.

If you would like me to post an honest review of your book, simply complete the form below and I’ll be in touch to see what we can arrange. If your book hasn’t been released yet, or you have a date that you would like your review posted, please let me know. I can’t confirm that I will be able to meet the exact date each and every time, but will work with you to see what I can do.

While it should go without saying (but doesn’t necessarily, thanks to the number of people and companies charge for book reviews), these reviews are FREE. I will never ask for money, or any compensation, to feature your book. If upon reading the book, I feel it is worth two stars or less, I will contact you in regard to this, and ask you if you would like it published, and if so, where; alternatively, I can provide the review just to you.

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