The short stories you see here are written with adults in mind, and may include inappropriate material including violence, language, sex, drug use, any other material you may find offensive, or (in the best case) any combination of the above. These stories are only lightly edited by myself, and may include errors.


A dystopian future where technology has connected everyone with everything, the populace is ruled by corporations who consider them no more than stock, and privacy is no more than a myth from the past.

Latest Short Stories:

Life Slices

Slices of life, experiences and the human condition. Personal stories based – to some degree – on life.

Latest Short Stories:

Silent Protagonist

Silent Protagonist is the world’s greatest fake video game news site. It’s so great that it’s largely ignored by its creators these days, but I’m republishing any new articles I write for it here. If, for some reason, you’re interested in the old stuff, you can find it here.

Latest Articles:
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