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From the moment Sam Newman and fourteen others awaken next to a burning wreckage of a spacecraft, they’re faced with a constant struggle to stay alive on a seemingly uninhabited planet light-years from home.
Worse, the last thing any of them remember, they were back home on Earth – at a time when interstellar travel was no more than a distant pipe dream.
Survival means finding out who – or what – brought them to this place. Yet what few answers they find amidst the streaming jungles and ruins of that world defy all logic or sanity, and it soon becomes evident something has gone terribly wrong…
…something that could mean the human race’s survival – or its extinction.

Book Reviews

Kingdom of Acatalec

When Tayler is sent to Beta City to help its citizens disconnect from the all-knowing Social Media Central, he becomes the target of a deadly game.
Augmented reality players wearing head to toe gaming suits believe he is the Enemy Alien, and they shoot to kill. So Tayler is forced to hide in a secret bunker, trapped, with no way to escape this urban nightmare.
And as his friends hatch a plan to get him back home, they find the person toying with Tayler’s life is more AI than human.

Book Reviews

Emporium of Superstition: An Anthology of Old Wives’ Tales

Heed the warnings, or you could be next.
A society of Old Wives’ comes together in this collection of suspenseful stories. In between these pages, twelve authors draw on ancient tales your grandmothers warned you about. From demons living amongst humans, to ghosts lurking in the shadows, and even gods looming above, these recountings will surely inspire a fright.
Open the book, turn the page, for it may be the last thing you do.
Emporium of Superstition is an anthology full of superstition, suspense, and horror. If you love Survive the Night by Riley Seger, Stephen King, Joe Hill and American Horror Story, then you’ll not want to miss this thrilling collection.

Shorts smartworld

The Liberation

Where, following the war that started when they were a small child, Citizen 1,498,382 reflects upon those days that came to define them. The days when YutopiCorp’s forces landed in her homeland and liberated her—and her entire country—from the tyranny of political rule.