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The planet Migax, owner of Gateways that allow you to travel through the fabric of spacetime, is bursting with technological breakthroughs. Accepted into the prestigious Aksel school, Summer and her new-found friend Leafsong, a member of a dragon-like species coexisting with humans, hope they have found a chance to secure a bright future within it.
Leafsong wants to become a Spark Watcher, a brave protector of diplomats, and Summer wants to find a way to climb out of the poverty that’s dominated her family’s life ever since she can remember. But Aksel hides secrets. An underground organization is rising, a dangerous weapon is being developed, and terrorist attacks are sending the country into paranoia.
As Migax tightens its grip on the outcasts at the edge of the cities, Summer and Leafsng will be forced to navigate violence, school, family, and conspiracy in an effort to find their place in a country increasingly headed for dystopia.

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Andre only values people as far as he can use them to feed his addictions. But when he emerges from his most recent bender and finds himself gnawing on another man’s head in a New York sewer, it might be time to seek help. Where is he? How did he get there? Who is the man he is eating? And not least of all, why the hell are his pants down?
To top it off, Andre soon discovers that someone has surgically implanted a cybernetic device in his neck. Sure, it’s cool that it allows him to virtually access the internet with his mind, but the fact that it shorts out his brain and shuts him down at the worst possible times is a major design flaw.
Frightened and horrified, Andre is determined to uncover what events led him to his grotesque meal in the sewer. Starting with his social media posts, he pieces together the missing weeks and retraces a sordid drug-fueled odyssey. Bizarre memories surface. He discovers long-buried feelings of guilt and regret, especially regarding his ex, Astrid. Tangled within those memories is the key to this mystery, and if he doesn’t hurry and discover what happened, his brain will fry.

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When the ex-wife of Ray Thomas’ sworn enemy hires him to find her daughter, the private detective soon learns there’s more to the illegal implant technology known as Proxy than body-swapping.
Proxy dealer Elijah wants to know who’s trying to kill him, and how it’s connected to a new kind of Proxy that’s hit the streets.
What they each discover on the streets of a near-future London crippled by multiple pandemics has the potential to change the course of civilisation…so long as they can stop the wrong people getting their hands on it first.

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The Liberation

Where, following the war that started when they were a small child, Citizen 1,498,382 reflects upon those days that came to define them. The days when YutopiCorp’s forces landed in their homeland and liberated them—and their entire country—from the tyranny of political rule.

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The Enduring Legacy: The Martiniere Legacy, Book Four

What price do you pay for happily-ever-after?
Ruby Barkley and Gabriel Martiniere have made it. They’ve defeated Philip Martiniere, and Philip’s suicide leaves them an opening to reform the Martiniere Group as well as the Martiniere Family. To create their own, positive legacy.
But. The legacy of the Martinieres isn’t so easily repaired. Forty-five years of dominance by Philip doesn’t just go away overnight. Gabe and Ruby have a lot of work to do, especially since Philip’s toxic legacy endures in unexpected places.
New foes arise—including the specters of age and health. The mysterious worm that interferes with digital and living memories, and glitches their newest biobot designs.
Then Gabe begins to wonder—is Philip truly defeated?
Can he keep his legacy safe? Or is he doomed to lose his second family, only in a slower manner than the plane crash that killed his first family?
What will it take for Gabe to guarantee that his legacy endures?

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A Different Life–What If? A Different Life, Book One: A Martiniere Multiverse Novel

What if Gabriel Martiniere’s family didn’t die in a plane crash when he was twelve?
What if he didn’t have to go into hiding after testifying against the atrocities committed by his father, Philip Martiniere?
What if he met and fell in love with Ruby Barkley as himself, not as Gabe Ramirez, a broke saddle bronc rider on the run from indenture bounty hunters?
Gabe’s a billionaire nerd with a conscience, unlucky at love, striving to overcome the shadows of his past while searching for agritech to fight climate change.
Ruby’s a former rodeo queen, trying to get her degree in agricultural robotics, searching for agritech means to fight climate change, also unlucky at love and struggling with a shadowy past.
Can Ruby and Gabe successfully negotiate the complexities of the Martiniere Group and launch Ruby’s world-changing biobots without interference from competitors?