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Corpses in Colombo: A Sri Lankan Mystery Novella

Christmas in high society – what could go wrong?
A Vinodhini Dias and Kiyama Fernando adventure
The season of love and cheer takes a sinister turn when a Christmas party ends in the sudden death of an invitee and two female friends must navigate the halls of the rich and famous to trap the killer before he strikes again.
Will Vino make peace with her estranged family?
Will Kiyama find romance during this magical season?
Set in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, this fast-paced and humorous story takes you on a rollercoaster ride that will leave you humming favourite seasonal tunes while you strive to solve the murder.
Merry Christmas!

Book Reviews

A Winter’s Cobalt Kiss: A Vampire Christmas in the World of Stray Witch

“When a kiss is all it takes to keep the world turning…”

♥ As the world bids farewell to a millennium, 200-year old vampire Clarence is entrusted with the mission of preventing the end of the world on New Year’s Eve. The only problem is he can’t take the threat seriously, and even if he could, he needs a witch to succeed.

♥ Young Alba is back to Emberbury for Christmas, and her life is about to change when she meets Mark Andersson, possibly the most popular guy in town. Could he be the one? The women in her family are supposed to have a special gift. Wouldn’t it be nice if she hadn’t been born without it?
Follow Alba and Clarence in this witch and vampire Christmas story, as they find their way in a confusing world where their hearts’ deepest desires could be right in front of them, hidden in plain sight.