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Bounty: A Beju Byteborne Interstellar Romp, Book One

Beju Byteborne is the meanest monster in a universe full of monsters. A genetically enhanced Coldblood with killer traits, she’s the perfect assassin. But years of hunting and being hunted have taken a toll. There must be more to life than chasing the next blood high.
When Beju gets nabbed for murder, the Divine Priesteses condemn her to death at a prison outpost on the far reaches of The Edge. This isn’t Beju’s first death sentence and it won’t be her last.
Breaking free is easy. Dragging two hostages along isn’t. Especially when one is an innocent page in need of protecting, and the other is a sexy soldier named Silver. In danger of falling off the wagon and falling in love, Beju wrestles with her cold-blooded ways in this hopepunk romcom across The Edge.