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Epic fantasy gets turned on its head and slapped with a wet fish.
Elves are snobby brunch enthusiasts, ogres are pacifistic yoga buffs, and the “hero” is a mild-mannered misfit who prefers strudels to swords. Welcome to Hyperbia.
Tubbart Schepps is a generally nice guy. Thus concludes his positive traits. The tragically named, socially inept, morbidly rotund dreamer gets through life on the comfort of food and imagination. One day, after a mortally embarrassing workplace mishap, Tubbart stumbles as far away as he can get. Which is the nearest bus stop. There, he is unwittingly spirited to the fantastical realm of Hyperbia, where magic larks and absurdity stumbles after. A noble elf prince takes Tubbart under his quiver, and the days are equal parts joyous and bizarre. But not all is sunshine and elfwine. An evil fairy bent on revenge is freshly risen, and seeks nothing less than utter annihilation of the realm.