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Tales of Monstrosity: Monsters, Myths and Miscreants

Part of The Crossing Genres Anthology Collection
Dive into the world of the unknown and explore the monsters lurking in the shadows with Tales of Monstrosity: Monsters, Myths, and Miscreants. This anthology features a diverse group of award-winning veteran and emerging authors challenged to break away from the usual vampire and werewolf tales and bring to light lesser known myths and legends. From gnomes to gorgons, gargoyles to El Cucuy, these stories run the gamut of genres, from urban fantasy to horror and beyond. As a bonus, enjoy the behind-the-scenes peek at the creative process through personal author articles. Don’t miss this monstrously fun collection of unique and twisted tales.

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In a decaying 23rd century, religion is big business and tech is the new salvation.
When three Faithcorp’s managers are found murdered, Licensed Operative Cynthia Hemlock makes it her mission to uncover the truth. However, with the End Times approaching, she discovers she is not the only one facing their own personal Armageddon.

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When the ex-wife of Ray Thomas’ sworn enemy hires him to find her daughter, the private detective soon learns there’s more to the illegal implant technology known as Proxy than body-swapping.
Proxy dealer Elijah wants to know who’s trying to kill him, and how it’s connected to a new kind of Proxy that’s hit the streets.
What they each discover on the streets of a near-future London crippled by multiple pandemics has the potential to change the course of civilisation…so long as they can stop the wrong people getting their hands on it first.

Shorts smartworld

The Liberation

Where, following the war that started when they were a small child, Citizen 1,498,382 reflects upon those days that came to define them. The days when YutopiCorp’s forces landed in their homeland and liberated them—and their entire country—from the tyranny of political rule.