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Wind Ruler: Elementals of Nordica: Book IV

Valkyrie Siskonen evaded death twice, and she knows she won’t survive another encounter with the Third Sister…
…Sion Zona has no idea Valkyrie’s life is so close to the end, and she intends to keep it that way
Valkyrie knows Sion will have no problem deviating from his calling if it means saving her. Even if he is the greatest hope the World of Eidolon has against an enemy larger than either the Tamurian Empire or King Magnu.
Fortunately, Sion won’t be in the picture to circumvent the universe’s final destination for Valkyrie. He is leading a team through the war-torn nation of Bastille in the World of Rondure, seeking out the girl who owns the disembodied voice he’d been hearing for months.
His new friends on Rondure know about that voice, as they heard her too. And to Sion’s surprise, so has his cousin Erno.
Sion needs to continue his development to reach Wind Ruler status. Something he can only achieve with a face-to-face encounter with the girl.
Valkyrie knows she needs to survive long enough until Sion has already embarked on his mission before the Third Sister collects her. And she also needs to know he will be okay when she’s gone.

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Magic of Lies: Book 1 of the Altira Series

Princess Eirian Altira has always walked on a knife’s edge with flowers chasing her footsteps. Born with magic, she struggles to balance her ability to give life with the desire to kill. Raised by mages, the day comes when she must return home to a kingdom she left as a child, and a father she has not seen in 20 years. Surrounded by a strange court with expectations she was not prepared for, Eirian hides her magic until she’s faced with the choice between becoming queen or returning to the mages.
With secrets around every corner and war with a neighboring kingdom on the horizon, Eirian discovers her power means more than she realized. As does her long-standing friendship with the crown prince of the elven nation they’ve been allied with for generations. But the whispers in her mind and the rumors spreading through her court threaten everything Eirian holds dear, and she will do anything to protect the ones she loves.
“You don’t know what I’m capable of or what I’m willing to do. Don’t underestimate me. You might regret it.”
When Eirian Altira returned home after decades away, she thought it would be a fresh start. Raised a mage in a distant city, she struggles to adjust to life as a princess in a court where magic is undesired. Caught between two thrones, she knows where her duty lies. With assassination attempts, and rumors of war, Eirian proves to those around her that she is not one to hide from confrontation. Even when it risks her life.
Torn between her love for a man sent far from her side, her attraction to the captain of her guards, and the best friend she has always needed, Eirian refuses to bow to the demands of her advisors. Determined to be the queen her kingdom needs her to be in the face of war, Eirian seeks the truth behind who she is and why the enigmatic land they have never had dealings with is seeking an alliance. But the answer may not be what she expected, and the repercussions could cost her the very throne she must defend.

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Secrets of the Sorcery War: Ruarnon Trilogy, Book 2

Secrets lie across the seas.
Heir Ruarnon seeks allies to free their parents from unpredictable sorcerer-king Nartzeer. The reclusive Urai are not who they had in mind but can offer far more than Ruarnon anticipates. However, negotiations are interrupted when Nartzeer’s murderous grey-hided damars are sighted sailing towards Tarlah.
The damars’ human handlers are lost Aussie Linh’s chance to confirm that her gateway home —and sorcerers able (and hopefully willing) to operate it— lie in the dangerous West.
When Linh sets sail to confront the handlers, she learns that magic is very much still wielded on Umarinaris. That some of the Sorcery War’s deadliest weapons survived. And that Nartzeer somehow knows all of this, and has his own plans for those weapons.
But is Nartzeer the villain everyone in the East believes? What do his fleets truly seek in the Eastern Seas? And why have the damars become so formidable that they threaten to sink Ruarnon’s ship and overrun all of Ruarnon’s potential allies?

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The Shadow of Theron: Age of Shadows, Book One

The powers of old are fading. A new Age is dawning.

Holy relics are all that remain of Theron’s sacred legend.

Now those relics, the enchanted weapons forged by the Three-Faced Goddess to help Theron defeat the wicked Sorcerer Argoss, are disappearing.

Lysandro knows the village magistrate Marek is responsible, and he searches for proof disguised as the masked protector the Shadow of Theron.

But when Marek wounds him with an accursed sword that shouldn’t exist, Lysandro must find a way to stop Marek from gaining any more artifacts created by the Goddess or her nemesis.

The arrival of the beautiful newcomer Seraphine, with secrets of her own, only escalate their rivalry.

As the feud between Lysandro and Marek throws Lighura into chaos, a pair of priestesses seeks to recover the relics and return them to safekeeping. But the stones warn that Argoss is returning, and they must race to retrieve Theron’s most powerful weapon.

While they risk their lives for a legend, only one thing is certain. The three temples to the Goddess have been keeping secrets: not just from the faithful, but from each other.

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For Our Soul

“For Our Soul” is a powerful and moving story about a young boy named Aahan who, after losing his parents at a young age and becoming responsible for his younger sister, tragically meets an untimely end. But his journey doesn’t end there. In the afterlife, Aahan meets five other individuals and together they embark on a journey of self-discovery and redemption. Through their journey, they come to understand the value of life and the importance of doing good deeds. This book is a deeply emotional and thought-provoking tale that will stay with readers long after they’ve turned the last page. It illustrates the power of the human spirit to overcome even the most difficult of circumstances and the importance of leaving a positive impact on the world.