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Proxima Bound

Humanity’s last hope rests with the colonists aboard the generational starship Attenborough. Bound for Proxima Centauri, a thousand years away. Catastrophe strikes when a reactor meltdown cuts off those in the ship’s front from the rear. Two factions must now struggle to survive.
With four hundred years still to travel, we join a plucky teenager, “Thief”. She’s found a way through the ventilation system, around the radioactive core of the ship and into the front sections. Thief brings back vital components that might help the rear-dwellers connect the ship’s computer. For the first time in hundreds of years, there is hope.
But people are disappearing without a trace, and the makeshift hospital is overflowing with cases of a new virus.
It’s up to Thief to embark on her toughest mission yet. To crawl through the bowels of the ship, the furthest she’s ever been, and find some answers, before there’s no-one left alive.
What she finds at the front of the ship, however, is terrifying.

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The people are oppressed. The King is corrupt. A rebellion has ended in murder and mayhem. But never mind all that because everybody loves a royal wedding!
Evil Prince Erik has discovered the bride he needs to secure his grip on the throne. But the idea doesn’t grip his betrothed, peasant girl Jenny. Already in the shit, she doubles down with an escape through the castle’s sewers. Her trusty raven, Croak, is never far behind, ready to peck the eyes out of anyone harming his mistress. Unless they have shiny things.
Meanwhile, in Rosie’s Tavern, Leo the Licker indulges his voracious appetite for stew, ale, and lady parts. The men of the village discover who’s been pleasuring their wives, and all hell breaks loose. Enter Jenny, with Erik’s soldiers hot on her tail, under orders to bring her hot tail back to the castle. The unlikely couple find themselves flung together and on the run. Or in fat Leo’s case, on the fast walk.
Can Jenny ever escape the horny Prince? Will Leo stop eating and drinking long enough to help? And is there romance in the air, or is that just Leo’s dodgy tummy?

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Mother’s Little Angels

A thousand winters after the apocalypse. Women rule the world. Another useless man has failed to put a child in Chief Jaboo’s belly. In a rage she sends her best Hunter and Weaver to the slave markets, under orders to swap him for a more fertile seeder. Sulon the Hunter decides to try the faulty merchandise along the way. But the fun is short lived. Dark clouds of war are gathering. Can the village survive an attack by the radical sisterhood? Or does their salvation lie in the hands of yet another useless man?

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Defying Gravity

This isn’t a book with lots of violence, war or death in it. There’s enough of that in real life, and if you’re into that kind of thing, then there’s plenty of other books out there for you.

This is a story about the stuff that we don’t have enough of in real life. Love, tolerance, bravery and leadership. And its a story about humanity’s first attempt to live in space, and how two young women save us all from our own stupidity.

Oh, it also features zero gravity, inter-racial, lesbian lovemaking.
(Because there isn’t enough of that in real life either)

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Night of Ash: A Tale of Odriel’s Heirs

The night buries all shadows…
After healing from the last battle with Idriel’s Children, the young Shadow Heir, Aza Thane, once again finds herself at a magus’s door looking for answers. There, she and her companions learn of a dark plot to raise an ancient demon necromancer in the corpse of a soul-eating monster and rush to the once great city of Austerden to stop it.
Racing toward a city on the brink of massacre and still haunted by her past mistakes, Aza will have to learn to trust again if she wants to save anyone at all… including herself.

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Burning Shadows: A Tale of Odriel’s Heirs

There are worse things than the undead…
After months on the road, Kaia and Klaus, the Dragon and Shadow Heirs, have chased the remains of Idriel’s undead army into the wild western lands of Okarria; There, they encounter the barbaric evidence that the living can be just as bloodthirsty as the undead.
Faced once again with humanity’s brutality, Kaia will have to discover what she’s willing to sacrifice to protect her people… and if it will be enough.