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Down the Lane

Down the Lane takes the reader on an eye-opening look at the parts of Niagara Falls they don’t tell you about in the tourist brochures. Follow Doc—a strip club manager with dreams of getting out of the game—as he gets involved with forces beyond his control. While biker gangs and old Mafia chieftains fight to control the city’s underworld, Doc gets swept up in the violence and threats, and does everything he can to stay alive and out of prison.
“Paul Lafferty has done an extraordinary job with his first novel. As he guides the reader through the world of organized crime actually works in Southern Ontario, he paints a vivid, shocking and always painstakingly accurate picture. His voice is steady and solid, his characters diverse and complex, and the story is full of surprises. Down the Lane is a must-read for crime-fiction fans.”
Jerry Langton, author of true-crime bestsellers Fallen Angel, Showdown and Cold War.