Book Reviews

Wayward: A Soldier’s Heart, Book One

The family guilt and secrets that have haunted Audrey Linser from childhood have become her armor, her excuse to keep people away. This independence has been an asset during her Army career as a CID agent in the field, until a close call ends her solo days. Now she’s stuck at Fort Huachuca, the home of intelligence training and her childhood ghosts. All she wants is to leave—until she meets Simon.
Simon Carwell was a military brat before enlisting in the Army. He’s spent the last couple years weighed down by his own guilt after tragedy struck in Afghanistan. With some help from friends and a direct order, he’s finally getting help and coming to terms with what happened. Facing those demons has him wanting more from life than the next thrill.
Their attraction is strong, but so are their issues. And while they’re working through those, they have an even bigger problem to solve—
Who is trying to kill Audrey and why?