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The Dance of Dawn & Dusk: Dawn

The once mighty empire of Weiquan lies shattered by years of strife following the Red Rebellion. Now aristocrat and commoner alike struggle to stay alive as they find themselves caught in the machinations of ruling forces striving for supremacy in the great game of power.
Ai, a girl barely old enough to be called a woman, must meet her destiny once a profound truth is revealed to her. Li’qua Zhang, the young prince celebrated as a great warrior, is but a fly in the web of intrigue that is life at court. The deposed dowager empress, Roulan Xu, mourns the loss of her children; now all she has left to live for is vengeance against her captors. The brilliant, bold, and beautiful Bei Bei: Daughter of the Dragon, heir to the kingdom of Leng, has come to work her father’s will upon all who may oppose him. A wandering priest from the backwoods finds the splendorous imperial capitol has become a ruined society fallen to corruption and despair. Tien Chang is a loyal soldier who seeks to prove himself worthy but must also confront the dark truths that lie at the heart of his king’s war.
Tis all petty drama before the stars.
The dance of dawn and dusk is eternal.