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Shiny Metal Boxes: The Wormholescope Chronicles, Entry: One

Humans depend on AI, including eyeGo, a visual implant installed from the age of nine.
When a mysterious illness known as Jobs Disease incapacitates millions, Emma Castle, a bright eyeGo health technician, is reassigned to investigate a possible link between the implant and the affliction.
As the disease continues to spread at an alarming rate, Emma uncovers a potential conspiracy that could rock both mankind and technology forever.
Teaming up with a private investigator, a hacking and deepfake specialist, a senior member of The Milky Way Library, and a million-dollar AI assistant, Emma races to stop the devastation before it’s too late.
Shiny Metal Boxes, the first installment in The Wormholescope Chronicles, is a science fiction novel that delves into the chaos born from humanity’s addictive inventions.