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The Wonderful World of Was: January Edition… Out Now!

My December newsletter is now available on Substack. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

New year, new… sletter!

We’re now firmly in the swing of 2023, and it’s time for me to present the first edition of the Wonderful World of Was of the year, out now. For subscribers, it is waiting for you in your inbox, for everyone else, click here to go right there. And why not subscribe? It’s too easy not to.

Even better, it’s now short enough for email!

So how do we start off the new year? I’m so glad you asked. To answer your other questions, you’ll have to check out the newsletter. Questions like:

  • How much did I write in 2022?
  • How much did I read in 2022?
  • Did I really share a Christmas story late?
  • What’s this Glass Onion all about?
  • Did I share Saturday Snippets on a Sunday again?
  • How badly has Baba Vanga predicted 2023 will go?
  • What books did I review?

Head on over to my Substack to check it out. And don’t forget to subscribe!


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