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The Wonderful World of Was: February Edition… Out Now!

My February newsletter is now available on Substack. Naturally, I'm going to push it on you.

February is the month of love, but rest assured, The Wonderful World of Was has no intention of celebrating it. If you’re a subscriber, it is waiting for you in your inbox. If you’re not a subscriber, there’s no need to worry. Just click this handy link to be transported directly to it. And while you’re there, you may as well subscribe.

In lieu of all that heart-shaped Valentine’s Day goodness, this newsletter looks at:

  • My current writings
  • My latest Usagi Yojimbo article
  • Those trusty Saturday Snippets
  • Indie books you should check out
  • A not-so-indie book you should check out
  • And whether I can make it through an entire newsletter without discussing Batman

Head on over to my Substack to check it out. And don’t forget to subscribe!


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