Test of the Four: Book Two of the Serrulata Saga

“Outside the Realm, everything is unknown.”
Having paid a high price to pass through the Border, the Four depart the only lands they’ve ever known. They’re faced with immediate problems and unknown dangers as they begin the perilous journey toward the fabled city of New York.
As they travel, Leora struggles to hone her powers. Roland and Aurora attempt to explore their new romantic relationship, and Leopold battles with his inner demons.
Meanwhile, all is not right within the Realm. The young sovereign continues to wield his new powers erratically, threatening the lives of every citizen. Now, several members of the gentry must navigate through the chaos to protect their homes and families.
Can the Four survive their journey? And if they do, will there be a Realm for them to return to?

Hierarchy of Needs

When self-destruction is the only way out …
World-famous sculptor Antoni Azarov, and his muse, Ona Price are ripped apart after a shocking act of violence sends them into their own personal hells.
Trapped in Manhattan, Ona faces her most treacherous enemy, her addiction to heroin, while a dangerous new man claims her desire.
Antoni, an artist defamed, is hellbent on saving Ona before she destroys herself. What he doesn’t know is if she wants to be rescued.
Meanwhile, death haunts them on every corner as a vengeful crime boss called Warlock devours the city, poisoning its addicted population with a flesh-eating drug.
Amid this chaos, Ona and Antoni must struggle against their darkest selves to find a way back to each other—or else give in to the darkness forever.
The propulsive sequel to Oblivion Black, Hierarchy of Needs is an intoxicating exploration of the paradox of love, the chokehold of desire, and the deadly thrills of the underworld. This second book in The Sculptor Series will leave readers fiending for more.The harder you try to escape, the more darkness pulls you under.


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