Mark of a Demon

‘One day I will return – wait for me. I will return to take back what’s mine.’
When Heather was born, everyone thought she would die due to her weak heart. Upon her mother’s callings, a demon showed up and saved her life by sharing his heart with hers. There was only one condition; she would live until the demon’s powers ran out. Not knowing anything about the mark she had on her chest from the day she remembers herself, she falls in love with the demon, marking the start of a forbidden love…
What happens when she finds out the secrets her aunt and the demon have been keeping deeply hidden from her?

The BackUp Superhero: Book One in the BackUp Superhero Series

Becoming a superhero isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Let’s be realistic, people don’t have super-powers. But if you have enough determination to make it through training, you have a chance to be the modern-day superhero, stopping one criminal at a time…or doing everyone else’s job and getting none of the credit.
After Tanser Girl comes to terms with her non-celebrity level status in the superhero world, someone else from Level D decides it’s their moment to shine, shaking up the entire system, while leaving her to pick up the pieces.

My Gypsy War Diary

“Where is Milo’s bible,” the intruders demanded. They came under the cover of darkness, their guns pointed at my elderly neighbor and only friend. And with the break in, an old story came out—young love, betrayal, blackmail, a treasure stolen and stolen again, a tale of vengeance and a life lived in secret.
I was just a kid in the 70’s, unable to sit still in school, living in my imaginary world of TV and movies. And now this betrayal from half a century ago threatened my life, as I found myself caught between hidden treasure and a band of gypsies who would stop at nothing to get it.


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About smartworld

smartworld (note the lack of caps because it’s kewl) is a dystopian future; a warning about where the world is headed. Cyberpunk, noir, speculative fiction, call it what you like – as long as it’s complementary.

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