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Defying Gravity

This isn’t a book with lots of violence, war or death in it. There’s enough of that in real life, and if you’re into that kind of thing, then there’s plenty of other books out there for you.

This is a story about the stuff that we don’t have enough of in real life. Love, tolerance, bravery and leadership. And its a story about humanity’s first attempt to live in space, and how two young women save us all from our own stupidity.

Oh, it also features zero gravity, inter-racial, lesbian lovemaking.
(Because there isn’t enough of that in real life either)

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Test of the Four: Book Two of the Serrulata Saga

“Outside the Realm, everything is unknown.”
Having paid a high price to pass through the Border, the Four depart the only lands they’ve ever known. They’re faced with immediate problems and unknown dangers as they begin the perilous journey toward the fabled city of New York.
As they travel, Leora struggles to hone her powers. Roland and Aurora attempt to explore their new romantic relationship, and Leopold battles with his inner demons.
Meanwhile, all is not right within the Realm. The young sovereign continues to wield his new powers erratically, threatening the lives of every citizen. Now, several members of the gentry must navigate through the chaos to protect their homes and families.
Can the Four survive their journey? And if they do, will there be a Realm for them to return to?

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The Unseen Curse

Every small town has dark secrets.
Miridical, Rhode Island has dark magic.
With absolutely nothing to do in this tiny, boring town, high school sophomore Juniper Szmydt passes the time solving small crimes. But when one of the town founders is killed, she jumps at the chance to solve a murder. Dad works for the mayor and can’t help her snoop, so June’s on her own playing nice with a town she’s hated since moving to last year.
But the town isn’t playing nice back, and it becomes evident people are keeping secrets from the Szmydts. Only a scrying mirror can show Juniper the truth: Miridical is magical. Now, the mystery becomes who is hiding the truth from the Smydt family; she must solve it by Samhain when the mysterious forces of Miridical will claim her father as their next victim.

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Myth of Five: Blood Brute, Book Five

After the zombie apocalypse, I gave up.
The Warwolves still struggle to conquer humanity? I don’t care.
He returns to my walls, begging for my company? I don’t care.
If I don’t in outsiders, I remain living in peace. If I don’t entertain others, I remain in solitude. If the world forgets about me, good.
If any of those things happen, then the tale of the world’s only living blood brute can finally end.

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A Swift Kick to the Thorax

When space poachers release Earth animals on an alien world, threatening a fragile new alliance, they anger the wrong people. A veterinarian, an accountant, and a furious sign-language-fluent gorilla are coming for them.
Robin enjoys being one of the only humans around; an exotic outsider, strange and tall, with no shell and only two arms. Consulting for locals who want to keep Earth pets is a fine job. But when a swarm of rabbits invade town and humanity is blamed, everything unravels.
If Robin wants to save the alliance between two planets—and keep from getting sent home in disgrace—she has to prove that a powerful crime ring is behind the crisis. Luckily for her, she makes friends who are eager to help: from planetside, the nearby space station, and recently escaped from the poacher’s ship.
Those poachers may be bug aliens with an excellent range of vision, but they won’t see this coming.

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Rebellion is Due: Ruarnon Trilogy Prequel

Everywhere he looks, 15-year-old Urmllian sees his people suffering under brutal foreign occupation. High taxes drive poverty and malnutrition, while the execution of anyone suspected of resistance has the people of Tarlah on their knees. Urmilian longs to join his father’s uprising and free his people, despite father’s orders to protect the family home. When occupying soldiers turn on the Tarlahans, Urmilian’s younger brother calls for aid. But the streets are filling with soldiers. If Urmilian doesn’t help cut them off, the city will be overrun. So he risks both their lives by abandoning his household’s defence and joining his older sister on the front line.
An action-packed YA Fantasy short story (7500 words), set before Manipulator’s War.