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Dragons in the Weaving: Roots and Stars, Book Two

The tapestry thickens
When Shelta is injured in battle, she travels to Asgard to save her unborn child. In return, the gods ask her to become the first world-weaver in ages: a dragon rider whose actions ripple through all of creation. Her mission: to shift the currents of destruction poisoning the multiverse of the World Tree.
But combat training with Thor and riddles with Merlin can only go so far. Secretly, Shelta turns to Loki, a self-professed connoisseur of musicians, and trades her most vulnerable songs for a pair of enchanted blades that allow her to open portals and kill with a thought. Shelta doesn’t want to be a vigilante, and she’s no one’s savior, but she’ll do what it takes to protect her family from the schemes of gods.