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So… How Did That Editing Go, Anyway?

As he finishes his editing of the first draft of his debut novel, one man discusses his thoughts on the project and the changes made to his work.

A Prologue—Everyone Loves Prologues, Right?

As I look over to the right, I see my phone charging. It tells me it is 4:35pm on Saturday, 17 July. You won’t be reading this until at least Friday, 23 July, because I’m trying to avoid a flurry of activity on this site, followed by nothing. Scheduling articles for the win, baby! I mention this, because I posted my last update about editing Till Death Do Us Party on 19 May. It’s been a busy couple of months—at the time of that post, I had only undertaken a high-level edit, and had not yet started my detailed edits.

This all means that in just under two months (or, if you’re a troublesome person who refuses to believe I wrote this article in advance, just over two months), I fully edited the manuscript. Not just that, but during this time, I have also redrafted the first fourteen chapters (which you can read about here and here).

Less than forty-eight hours since I made my last edit (adding “uh, nothing” to some dialogue—feel free to jump on your favourite social media platform, use the hashtag #TillDeathDoUsParty and start conjecturing about those revelatory two words), my biggest takeaway is that I am tired. I slumped, feeling every minute of those two months reading, scratching out words and adding new ones. So I’m taking a brief break before I jump back into rewrites. I have a book review you’ll see later this month, so I should get into that, and I might also write another short story.

Throughout the last two months, these edits have oscillated between minor word changes to wholesale slashes, which I have either rewritten when updating the second draft, or will need to rewrite when I get back to it.

The next two pages are broken down by those that have been re-drafted, and those that I will be getting back into. And of course, because I love the sound of my own voice (or, more accurately, the sound of my keyboard’s keys being smashed as I type in lieu of using my voice), the summary on the fourth page.

One thing I will say is that as I am still working on the second draft, everything below is subject to change. The final product is quite likely to bear little resemblance to what is below. That’s part of the fun of chronicling my progress.

Strap in and enjoy!

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