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By the Numbers: The July Writing Challenge

I did some writing in June. I even did some editing, too. Taking part in Twitter's #JulyWritingChallenge, I monitored my progress, which I am now sharing with you, dear reader.

The Numbers

As with the June Writing Challenge, the numbers I graphed up are a little different to the Twitter tally, thanks to me calculating this in my head. But it’s not too far out, and I still beat the challenge. I beat it more than I let anyone on Twitter know about.

Instead of the 36 hours and 15 minutes writing and 18,758 words I mentioned on Twitter, in actuality, I:

  • Spent 17 hours and 15 minutes editing; and
  • Wrote 19,028 words.

The charts are below, which you may want to click to make them a little bigger and, you know, readable.

For a simple comparison of words vs hours editing, I have apportioned 500 words to an hour of editing. Against a target of 31 (based on an hour of editing or 500 words) over the thirty-one day month, I more than doubled the July Writing Challenge target, reaching a score of 75.3.

Until next month…


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