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By the Numbers: The July Writing Challenge

I did some writing in June. I even did some editing, too. Taking part in Twitter's #JulyWritingChallenge, I monitored my progress, which I am now sharing with you, dear reader.

Because I’m a sucker for punishment, and assume that my readers are too, I’m back with another By the Numbers piece, this time breaking down my progress in the #JulyWritingChallenge. These monthly challenges are designed to get writers doing their thing, writing and editing. I had a little success with the June Writing Challenge (you can read all about it here), and I’m back to it in July.

How will I go? Who the fuck knows. Unlike last month, where I finished writing it up mere minutes before I started writing this one up, I’m updating as I go, to post in early August. Hopefully, this will enable for a little bit more insight. Hope you enjoy.

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