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The Wonderful World of Was is Live

We all know doesn't give you enough goodness, so you really ought to subscribe to my Substack, too.

After playing around with options for a newsletter, I have finally launched The Wonderful World of Was! This is not a false alarm; it isn’t even a false start like before; this is it, brought to you by me, and aided by the magic of Substack! By following this link, the beautiful button below or even clicking that subscribe link at the top of this page, you can read it online; you can even subscribe, for some monthly goodness delivered directly to your inbox.

And, I am pleased to announce, it is one hundred percent free (which isn’t quite as silly as it sounds—Substack offers plenty of paid options; I just love you too much to charge)!

The inaugural newsletter is out now, where I discuss my upcoming novel, Till Death Do Us Party, the joy that is Peacemaker, what I’m reading, and so much more.

Who knows what future of the Wonderful World of Was will bring? Whatever it is, it’s gonna be awesome.


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