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Saturday Snippets: March 2022

It's the last Saturday in March, so it's time for some Saturday Snippets!

March is winding down, which means it must be time for some Saturday Snippets.

I have two lots of snippets for you this month. I put the first batch together to promote my new smartworld short, The Retirement Plan. While I should trust you’ve all read it by now, I don’t. So check out the snippets for it below, then click here to read the story! The remaining five snippets are from Till Death Do Us Party. If you’d like to see my snippets as I roll them out, rather than waiting until I batch them up on here, be sure to follow me on Twitter.

As always, please note that these snippets are not representative of any final product (well, this month, the ones that aren’t from The Retirement Plan, anyway); they are a work in progress. With rewrites being underway, these are taken from Till Death Do Us Party, draft 3. These may or may not make it to the final product, and if they do, who knows how their final form will look?

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