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The Angry Lion: How Love Can Change the Strongest of Hearts

Deep in the jungle, there lives an angry lion who spends his days scaring all of the other poor animals who live there. He doesn’t care what he does or who he hurts. That is until, one day, he meets a young cub. He learns that this cub is his daughter, and his heart melts! The angry lion is determined to change his ways. He wants to be a good dad for his new found cub and show her just how much he loves her. But can an angry lion really change his ways?

I hope you’ll excuse the relative brevity of this review; at 32 pages, The Angry Lion: How Love Can Change the Strongest of Hearts (which I’ll simply refer to by the simpler The Angry Lion from here on out) by K. Scott with art by TullipStudio is substantially shorter than most of the books I review. I’m also slightly older than the key demographic of three to six-year-olds. No doubt, if you’re reading this review, you too are outside of the key demographic, but if you have children, they may well sit within it.

As I sat down and read The Angry Lion, I couldn’t help but wish my children were younger, as they are both at an age where they have graduated beyond picture books, and not yet of an age where they can appreciate these through a grown-up lens. As the book’s title tells you, this is the story of an angry lion. Why this lion is so angry is of little importance; upon discovering he has a daughter, he realises he must change his ways.

Moving away from the target audience for a moment, the theme of becoming a parent and needing to better yourself is resonant of many parents; myself included. The Angry Lion paints a picture of a father (however, this is just as apt for mothers, too) who has lived his life with little regard for others, but upon becoming a parent, realises they need to change their ways in order to provide a positive influence on their child. I appreciate this theme in the book, and Scott does an admirable job of conveying this through its simple prose. It is clear that this book has been written with heart, and this comes through with abundance.

Children reading The Angry Lion (or, in many instances, having The Angry Lion read to them) will appreciate Scott’s story. The lion is angry and doesn’t care who he hurts and upsets. They will automatically see this lion who needs to change his ways, and upon meeting his daughter, will root for him to do so. And while this tells the story of a parent changing their ways, it also teaches children that life is better for everyone, themselves included, by embracing kindness.

The storytelling is simplistic, designed to be enjoyed over a few minutes. Told in verse, the writing is simple enough for the young ones to understand. Throughout, this verse maintains a strong flow, which the children will easily follow, underpinned by its repeating “this was an angry lion” and its variations.

The art by TullipStudio is vibrant, colourful and expressive, with each page coming to life. Children will appreciate the cartoony images, and all the expressions these characters bring with them. Simply by looking at the pictures, young readers will be able to follow along with the story.

If you have a child in the three to six-year-old age group, I can recommend picking this up for them. It tells a heartwarming story about the importance of being kind to others, a theme that will resonate with both them and you, as the parent. Its simple verse will appeal to the children, so much so that you may find yourself forced to read it to them again and again.

Favourite Passage

“The lion’s so bad!”

The animals said.

“He needs to be stopped!”

They’d shout as they fled.

This was an angry lion.

The Angry Lion: How Love Can Change the Strongest of Hearts

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THE ANGRY LION: How Love Can Change the Strongest of Hearts

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