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I’m Rambling About My Inspirations

Expect more ramblings on this little website, where I discuss my influences, and the art that inspires mine.

Over the last couple of months, you may have seen posts under the title Rediscovering the Ronin Rabbit, where I discuss my rediscovering Stan Sakai’s brilliant creation, Usagi Yojimbo as I read it from the beginning to wherever it’s up to by the time I eventually finish it. If you’re reading this update at some point after it goes live, you may also have seen posts under the title Mr. Sandman, where I discuss Neil Gaiman’s seminal The Sandman as I reread it from beginning to end (unless Mr. Gaiman decides to offer more stories in the future, which would be very welcome, indeed).

For a long while, I had been toying with writing about my influences, those pieces of art that have influenced my writing, that have inspired my art, either directly or indirectly. At the time of writing, I have written three such posts, and there will be more to come.

I’ve now categorised such posts under Ramblings, so please allow me to introduce to you Inspirations: me discussing the art that inspires me. You’ll see subcategories for the works I’m writing about (unless I write a done in one, but that hasn’t happened yet), so if you’re curious about certain works, you can bring up all the relevant articles with a click of the mouse or tap of the screen.

I’ll endeavour to post something regularly, but I won’t commit to it, however. It’ll all depend on how inspired I’m feeling.


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