Thirty-One Quotes About Writing

Brace for 31 wonderful quotes about writing, from various authors and writers.

Over on Twitter, that little social network Elon Musk hasn’t quite managed to obliterate despite his best efforts, I led the #MarWritingChallenge hashtag. As the hashtag makes reasonably clear, it’s a monthly writing challenge, where writers aim to log 500 words written, or an hour editing. If you’re so inclined to join in the challenge, click here to read all about it, and here for the form to log your work.

To encourage the participants, I took the opportunity to put some quotes from authors (generally, though I’ve included other people to write). Some are insightful, others amusing, but in the end, I found them all to be motivational to some degree. And because I enjoy these quotes, and as much as I hope the participants enjoy these quotes, I thought maybe you, dear reader, would enjoy them, too.

So without further ado, all 31 (one for each day in March) quotes are included below.

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