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Saturday Snippets: March 2023

With March done, it's time for our monthly look at some Saturday Snippets!

With March now in the rearview mirror, let’s take a look at the month that was with a new selection of Saturday Snippets. With me wrapping up Till Death Do Us Party‘s latest round of edits, this compilation includes snippets from draft 4.1. I’m currently making some further minor tweaks, so you’ll see that number jump all the way to 4.2 when I share April’s snippets.

As always, please note that Till Death Do Us Party‘s snippets are not representative of any final product; they are a work in progress, taken from the drafting progress. These may or may not make it to the final book, and if they do, who knows how their final form will look. So just consider these as glimpses into an ever-evolving work in progress.

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