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By the Numbers: The June Writing Challenge

I did a bit of writing in June. I even did more editing. Taking part in Twitter's #JuneWritingChallenge, I monitored my progress, which I am now sharing with you, dear reader.

So here I am, sitting at my desk in early July, thinking back about the Hell that was Twitter’s June Writing Challenge. It was such Hell that I am once again subjecting myself to it in July. If you’re curious to about these, check out the #JuneWritingChallenge on Twitter. For the uninitiated, these monthly challenges are designed to get writers, well, writing. Following my Camp NaNoWriMo failure in March, I was hesitant to jump into another challenge, but this is far more achievable: write 500 words, or edit for an hour. Maybe even both.

It was a pretty successful month, so prepare for some humblebragging to follow. Read along, but if you’re not wanting my tweets and commentary, and just want to see the numbers, click over to page 4!

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