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By the Numbers: The June Writing Challenge

I did a bit of writing in June. I even did more editing. Taking part in Twitter's #JuneWritingChallenge, I monitored my progress, which I am now sharing with you, dear reader.

June 16

Did you know I review books? If you regularly check out this little website, maybe. I do indeed read them; and it’s something that really brings me joy. You know what also brings me joy? People reading them. So you can check out the 881-word (plus book and author details) review for Bathed in the Blood of Ravens here – it’ll probably be more exciting than this post.

June 17-18

Did you know I review books? If not, you obviously didn’t read the previous update. As I mentioned above, I enjoy people reading them. So you can check out the 769-word (plus book and author details) review for A Flight in the Heavens here. It’s also likely more exciting than this post.

This comes off the back of an entire one hour of editing, which would have been Till Death Do Us Party Chapter 17.

June 19-20

Let’s ignore the absolutely nothing I did on 19 June. Instead, let’s focus on my “1 hours and 15 minutes” of editing Chapter 8. That bodes well for the end product, doesn’t it?

June 21

Those 838 words I wrote? Those were for an update about my edits and re-drafting for the first five chapters of Till Death Do Us Party. You can read The First Five Chapters: Draft Deux by clicking on the link I handily provided. The two hours I spent editing were on Chapter 9. However, if memory serves (and it often doesn’t), part of this was the end of Chapter 8.

June 22

A smallish day of editing with an hour and fifteen minutes spent editing Chapter 10.

June 23

For someone “focused on writing his book,” I sure spend a lot of time not writing (or even editing) it. Not only did I write an unrelated 1,452 words, which is pretty productive, I also spent a bit of time publishing it here and promoting it. It’s the first (and so far only) addition to my new section, Unpopular Opinion, and people seem to like it. Check out The Beauty of Independent Books; you might like it, too.

June 24

Some days are more productive than others. Take 24 June, for example. A day where I finished the edits for Chapter 10, and got through both 11 and 12 as well. It only took me three hours and fifteen minutes.

June 25

A shorter amount of time editing than the previous day, but I used the two hours fairly well, having managed to wrap up the edits to Chapter 13, which was a bit of a slog.

June 26

Two hours again! Chapter 14 didn’t take as much work as I’d expected, and I got a small start on re-editing and drafting up chapter 6’s second draft. For the remainder of the month, I was incorporating my edits, but didn’t add enough words to make it worth counting them. Rest assured that once I get through Chapter 14’s second draft, you can expect a post akin to The First Five Chapters: Draft Deux.

June 27

Two and a half hours of editing and re-drafting. I finished Chapter 6 and got through Chapter 7.

June 28

This was less than a week ago (from me writing this), and I can’t say what took me so long (three and a quarter hours!) to get through Chapter 8’s edits and re-drafting. It’s not a small chapter and I didn’t add many words to it, but there must have been a bit of reflection about what needed to change, with lots of small edits that didn’t hugely impact the word count (228 words, my anal retentive word count spreadsheet tells me).

June 29

837 words written! What were they? Unless you’re on my mailing list, you’ll never find out. It’s top secret.

That was the first monthly newsletter to go out, and there are many more months to come, so it’s not too late to subscribe. All you need to do is enter your email address into the mailing list form. Easy!

June 30

And on the final day of the June Writing Challenge, I got through another two and a half hours of edits and re-drafts. This brings me to the end of Chapter 9, which means I’ll be getting to Chapter 10’s second draft in July.

As each day I was manually adding my total hours and words, I would not be terribly (i.e. at all) surprised if there are a couple of mistakes in there. Click over for a pretty chart and the numbers that I accomplished.

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