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By the Numbers: The June Writing Challenge

I did a bit of writing in June. I even did more editing. Taking part in Twitter's #JuneWritingChallenge, I monitored my progress, which I am now sharing with you, dear reader.

June 1

One and a half hours editing Till Death Do Us Party‘s first chapter got me going. Yay, me!

June 2

I managed to add another hour and forty-five minutes to the editing of Chapter One, wrapping up the red pen special.

June 3 & 4

Early in the writing challenge, I was pretty horrendous at specifying exactly what I was working on. As I go through these tweets, though, it looks like I spent this time editing chapters two and three. I added another three hours to my editing total, despite spending way too much time retweeting PitMad pitches.

If you’re unaware, PitMad is a semi-regular Twitter event where people pitch their novels in Tweets in the hope to get a bite from an agent or publisher. It works surprisingly well for many, so if you have a polished book that you’d like to sell to a publisher, it’s a great event to get in on.

June 5

This was a successful day. I spent two hours and fifteen minutes editing, bringing me to, at a minimum, the edits for chapters four and five; possibly more if I hadn’t quote wrapped up chapter three on the fourth.

June 6

From this point on, I have dropped straight editing, and am re-drafting Till Death Do Us Party‘s initial chapters. And this was a big one! I spent three and a half hours re-editing the first chapter, and added 593 words to the draft. If only all days were so productive…

June 7

…unlike this day, right here. But it was my birthday, so I make no apologies. None!

June 8-10

Over the course of the three days, I managed to spend eight hours editing! I also added 1,228 words to the manuscript’s second draft of chapters two to four. Writing-wise, I added 1,228 words, at an average of roughly 409 words a day. In isolation, that would be a failure, but thanks to the two hours and 40 minutes I spent editing each day, I’ll just take the win.

June 11

In isolation, 454 words against a target of 500 is an abject failure. But the two hours spent editing makes it a success, and me less of a failure.

June 12

Fifteen entire minutes editing! It looking like it was going to be a good day, but three and a half hours were spent fixing my computer issues, rather than actually editing and writing.

June 13

Day thirteen was all about playing catch-up. And catch up I did (kinda) with the three and a half hours lost on the 12th spent editing on the 13th. I also managed to get another 536 words into chapter 5. This is a chapter that required a ton of editing, changing major details and points. It was worth the time; I feel like it’s a better chapter.

June 14

Did you know that I’m awesome at maths? So awesome that I know two things:

  1. 14 is less than half of 30.
  2. 2. Thirty hours and fifteen minutes is more than thirty hours!

This was a monumental day of editing, with four hours and forty-five minutes spent on it. I was also happy to say goodbye to Chapter 5’s re-drafting, with an added 762 words.

June 15

At the end of the first half of the challenge, it was a smaller day. As we move forward, you’ll see more of these, where I am back to editing the first only. I managed to edit Chapter 6, which took one hour and fifteen minutes.

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