Shorts smartworld

The Liberation

Where, following the war that started when they were a small child, Citizen 1,498,382 reflects upon those days that came to define them. The days when YutopiCorp’s forces landed in her homeland and liberated her—and her entire country—from the tyranny of political rule.

[12 July, 2134 | Monday]

“Good morning, Cas,” the Conscience chip said, “Happy birthday.” Over those last three years, I was pleased to see Conscience was just as personable as Nanny. It was even better that they were less restrictive than their junior counterpart.

When I turned fifteen, I was granted my name. Conscience had explained to me that whenever somebody had entered the City’s system as a result of the war, they were allocated a number. I was the one million, four hundred and ninety-eight thousand, three hundred and seventy-second person entered into the system that way. It was a low number, thanks to my family being by Toronto Bay when the City’s warriors landed.

Upon receiving the chip upgrade, the Conscience chip was programmed to use my name in recognition that I was now considered a full citizen of the City, rather than someone simply under the City’s protection. While I have been told that I earned this by being a constructive member of the Freedom Tower A community, I also know that I have my rescuers to thank for this.

It also meant, now that I was eighteen, I was able to have cybernetics installed and have my DNA spliced—tiger stripes, here I come! This technology wasn’t cheap, and still isn’t, but I am grateful that not only did the City offer payment plans, they were also willing to pay for these. Now that I was eighteen, I was to commence working for the City, so these expenses were simply deducted from my salary.

“Please arrive at the medical office on level 112 by seven a.m.”

“I will. Thanks, Conscience.”

“Please confirm the following enhancements are correct: Steel skeletal shell. Cybernetic right eye with X-ray and night vision. Left and right hand replacements, for electricity conduction. Tiger DNA splice, including tiger agility, tail, and cosmetic features. Tail blade enhancement.”

“Confirmed. Thanks, Conscience.”

The enhancements were largely practical in nature. As a member of Freedom Tower A with above average test results, I was conscripted to fight with the City to help usher in Canada’s new age. Australia, New Zealand, Greenland and Norway continue to assist the rebels, and control cities through British Columbia, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Alberta and Nunavut. Three years ago, the Russian Federation started providing underground enhancements to people throughout the country, turning people into living weapons. It was horrible to consider what that kind of technology could do in the hands of YutopiCorp’s enemies.

It’s a dangerous world outside, one I was happy to dedicate my life to making safe.

“Please prepare yourself to have all memories of your family removed,” Conscience reminded me.

I shed a tear, remembering everything they did for me. But then, I remembered their attempt to kidnap me. I still remember their actions. I remember the Serenity Fables Pony Funland birthday party, for instance. I still remember being packed into the back of the freight truck. But their names, what they looked like, who they were as people? Those memories are long gone.

It’s for the best. When I received my Conscience chip and it used my name, it reminded me of my parents. It reminded me of my life before the City. Those memories confused me, and I’m not afraid to tell you they had me doubting dedication to the City. Thankfully, weekly therapy sessions helped me put their misdeeds into perspective. But as my therapist told me, brains are complicated beasts.

Sometimes, the best way to move forward is to forget.

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